TMD Camp Mabry GRID

TMD Camp Mabry is supporting the first Intelligent Infrastructure Grid of PINNs. They will help advance the use of intelligent and autonomous systems for protecting our communities and providing resilience in Texas as well as the Nation.

INDUSTRY 4.0 – 21st-Century Infrastructure

  • National Priority to meet the demand for 5G, Edge, ITS, APNT, Grid

  • Mabry will be the “Genesis” of national edge deployments.

  • Lab will be the accelerator to $100+ million P3 Programs

  • Create Industry 4.0 jobs, economic impact, and national leadership

Highlighted Use Cases:

  • Energy Transmission

  • Building Inspections

  • Infrastructure Inspections

  • Routine Security

  • Water Quality of Detention Ponds

  • Commercial Construction Inspections

  • Bridge and Overpass Analysis

  • Road Inspections

  • Solar Panel Inspections

  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure Inspection

  • Master Plan Modeling

  • Environmental Studies

  • Culvert Inspections

  • Site Inventory Inspection

  • Wildfire Tracking and Mitigation

  • Public Safety and Emergency

  • Situational Awareness