City of Lakeway Intelligent Infrastructure

Developing intelligent communities supporting:

  • 1Gb+ broadband everywhere

  • Autonomous delivery from HEB, CVS, Target

  • Automated shuttles moving people around our city

  • Autonomous package delivery from FedEx, UPS, Amazon

  • Advanced computing services

  • Health & telemedicine applications

  • Advanced entertainment like AR/VR; . . .

Example providers of advanced community services:

WeLink (Cisco backed company):

Beep shuttles – already deployed at Tavistock in Orlando Florida:

Google Stadia – advanced gaming platform at the edge:

Nuro – autonomous delivery of all types of products:

Envision – One of the largest telemedicine companies backed by KKR:

Amazon Prime – less than 1hr delivery from our local business:

Intelligent Infrastructure PINN Installation

21st-Century Intelligent Infrastructure Solution Providers

“There used to be a disconnect between the private and public sectors,” Goldberg said. “And nowadays, you’re seeing, especially with COVID, more of a push to pursue public-private partnerships, to help solve these opportunities together, rather than simply being segmented within those.”

Intelligent Infrastructure Views

Digital twins are a virtual representation of a city, port, highway, vehicle, or object, constructed only by a digital database. A digital twin could vary in representation from simple localization metadata, to high fidelity visual and dynamic modeling. This means, twins can evolve over time, becoming more and more representative of the real-world counterpart. Realtime updates, state changes, and abnormality alerts are all simplistic use cases for digital twins. 

Supporting the development of autonomous systems within a city will require zones of operations to be defined. These zones will leverage easements within cities to support autonomous cars, trucks, shuttles, rovers, drones and other vehicles that provide sustainable value to the city’s operations. In the initial phase the focus will also provide a tremendous amount of data to Universities and Federal testing centers to define the critical standards needed to support autonomy.

The PINN Clusters are the 21st-century equivalent to interstate highways. Digital Edge Infrastructure is as tactical as roads are to cars. Similar to the military convoy trying to drive across the country in the early 1900s, we were focusing on bigger wheels, better suspension, bigger engines until Eisenhower finally said, “We need to build interstate highways.” We find ourselves in the similar situation; everyone is focused on the vehicle, the device, the digital service, the drone, the aircraft rather than realizing this is a digital and physical infrastructure challenge. Vehicles required roads, and the Internet required backbone networks. Intelligent and Autonomous systems require a dense, secure, and resilient “Digital Edge Infrastructure.” 

Intelligent Community Services

1Gb+ Highspeed Internet

Autonomous Shuttles

Nuro Delivery

Amazon Autonomous Delivery

Advanced Entertainment

HEB Grocery Delivery

Automated Lawn Maintenance

Automated Lawn Maintenance

CVS Prescription Delivery

Intelligent Communities