What is the Autonomy Institute

A Sematech for Autonomy and AI at the edge. Autonomy Institute(501c3) is accelerating the “Path to Commerce” for intelligent and autonomous systems. This includes Digital Infrastructure, Autonomy, and AI at the edge. It is a government, industry, academia and public alliance to create the policies, markets, jobs, and community benefits of autonomy, starting with the Intelligent and Autonomous Infrastructure that is the equivalent of the Eisenhower Interstate Highways.

Though Sematech didn’t’ need infrastructure, the Autonomy Institute does. There is a tsunami of technology coming to cities and it needs leadership to assure it meets community needs. That’s where the Public-Private Partnership (P3) comes in to deploy Public Infrastructure Network Nodes (PINN). The PINN will be as critical to a city as roads, power, telecommunications, and water infrastructure.

“Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion, national security, and job growth. Edge computing, 5G wireless, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Assured PNT, and resilient electrical grids will drive the largest infrastructure buildout in our nation’s history.”

“Robots Can Restore Our Humanity” – John Hagel “…an opportunity to redefine work at a very fundamental level. If we do it right, we might actually be able to evolve a form of work that taps into our uniquely human capabilities and restores our humanity. The ultimate paradox is that this technology may become the powerful catalyst that we need to reclaim our humanity.”

Autonomous Mobility will drive New State and Federal Policy.

Local governments are struggling today with permitting disparate systems that need to be a single open and intelligent infrastructure. The integration process is ready for a jump start and it is vital to our national competitiveness and security. The country that does this well first will likely capture the preponderance of the economic benefit.

The Autonomy Institute will provide a reference architectures and blueprints for the development of Autonomous Infrastructure Labs, Autonomous Mobility Corridors, and full Autonomous City deployments. This will stimulate mutual testing and development regions to advance autonomous system deployment.

Board and Advisors

Rand Arnold
Rand ArnoldExecutive Director, CEO of AVAI, Director Echelon
Karen E. Willcox
Karen E. Willcox Director of Oden Institute Aerospace Engineering UT Austin
Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson
Marke F. “Hoot” GibsonRet. Mj General, Past - CEO of NUAIR, FAA,, Space
Sherri Greenberg
Sherri GreenbergClinical Professor; Fellow of Max Sherman Chair, Master of Public Affairs
Robert Spalding
Robert SpaldingHudson Institute, General Air Force, Q Networks, NSC
Monique Gregory
Monique GregoryNational Security Strategist at UT Austin
Phil Kenul
Phil KenulNOAA Rear Admiral (ret) , ASTM F38 Chairman
Karen Lightman
Karen LightmanExecutive Director, Metro21
Brent Skorup
Brent SkorupSenior Research Fellow Mercatus Center
Robert Hebner
Robert HebnerDirector, UT Austin Center for Electromechanics
Alex Goldberg
Alex GoldbergChief Innovation Officer Texas Military Department
Jungah Lee
Jungah LeeFounder, Aura Intelligent Systems
David Bruemmer
David BruemmerFounder of W8less, Adaptive Motion, 5D Robotics
Patricia Baumhart
Patricia BaumhartEmerging Tech Strategist, NDIA, Past - DWave, SGI
Thayne Coffman
Thayne CoffmanDoD AI & Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion
Jim Colson
Jim ColsonCTO CUBIC, IBM Fellow, CTO of Watson
JiNan Glasgow George
JiNan Glasgow GeorgeIP Attorney, co-founder of Patent Forecast platform
Dean Nelson
Dean NelsonStrategic Advisor, iMasons, VPS, NextWave
Ted Miller
Ted MillerFounder and CEO of Crown Castle, President 4M
Dyan Gibbens
Dyan GibbensCEO Trumbull Unmanned, Air Force, UAV/UAS
Andres Carvallo
Andres CarvalloCEO @ CMG - Professor of Innovation, MARC Fellow
Jeffrey DeCoux
Jeffrey DeCouxAutonomy Institute / CEO of ATRIUS
Rebecca Slick Hunter
Rebecca Slick HunterGovernment Affairs, SpaceX, Crown Castle
James K. “Red” Brown
James K. “Red” BrownMajor General (ret) The adjutant general TMD
Jeffrey Buchanan
Jeffrey BuchananRetired General Army of the North
David Whitley
David WhitleyCEO Gregory Strategies Prior Texas Secretary of State
Brett Spicer
Brett SpicerGovernment Relations, Public Safety, Legislative
Admiral Inman**
Admiral Inman**UT Austin, MCC, National Security, International Policy
Night Keyes
Night KeyesP3 Executive, General Counsel
Paul Workman
Paul WorkmanPrior State Representative, Public Policy, Construction
John Cowan
John CowanCEO of EDJX, Edge Computing Expert
Reed Clay
Reed ClayCEO Crestline, Prior Chief Operating Officer for Texas
Lloyd Walker
Lloyd WalkerIndustry executive, Fortune 500 industrial design
Dan Isaacs
Dan IsaacsCTO Digital Twin Consortium, Past Xilinx
Don Berchoff
Don BerchoffCEO, TruWeather Solutions
Austin Burch
Austin BurchCEO of Above Robotics, Texas A&M Autonomy
Andrew Carter
Andrew CarterPresident and Co-Founder of ResilienX
Jennifer Schmitz
Jennifer SchmitzCEO, Founder at Lattice Industries, Data Exchanges
Bill Boas
Bill BoasHPC Expert, Prior OpenFabrics, Cray, LL Lab
Ed Curtis
Ed CurtisCEO of YTexas
Mark Bigham
Mark BighamDoD Innovation, Past -Raytheon, L-3, E-Systems
Norm Anderson
Norm AndersonPresident/CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc.
Tom “Smitty” Smith
Tom “Smitty” Smith Executive Director, TxETRA, Public Citizen
Morgan Putnam
Morgan PutnamFounder NGI, NextGen Highway, Clean Energy
Brad Hunstable
Brad HunstableCEO, Founder LinearLabs
William Van Dalsem, M.D.
William Van Dalsem, M.D.
Junfeng Jiao, PhD
Junfeng Jiao, PhDDirector, Urban Information Lab
Sandeep Sovani, Ph.D.
Sandeep Sovani, Ph.D.Seasoned Tech Executive, Product Leader, Technologist, Automotive Industry Expert


Embrace intelligent and autonomous systems within the world; for societal and economic benefits.


Deploying the Intelligent Infrastructure and releasing the productive impact of intelligent and autonomous systems. Putting millions of systems to work cleaning, building, and maintaining the world around us. Thus freeing the creative energies and pursuits of every community.



Accelerate the Path to Commerce.

Core Pursuits:

Open and Active Digital Twins, Community Embraced Intelligent Infrastructure; Data Exchange Sovereign to the Community it serves; Regional ASOCC supporting Commerce.