Establish the nation’s first Active Digital Twin – City of Austin, ProjectConnect, TxDOT I-35 Intelligent Expansion, TMD, SH130, Loop 1, Downtown Districts.
Active Digital Twin enables:

Design, engineering, planning of the various concrete, asphalt projects as well as intelligent infrastructure deployments.
Simulation and modeling of critical services like wireless, lidar, radar, visual, resilient APNT, . . .
Multimodal simulation and modeling of cars, bus, rail, truck, tractors, . . optimizations.
Support for Public Safety, and emergency management. Overall operational views and security. Imagine have this view 24/7 at any location (safely executed in the avigation easements).
Simulation and modeling of thousands of small autonomous shuttles (picking up grandma at her house and taking her to the Dr.) in comparison to the longer-term light rail projects.
Support for routine inspections of our billions of dollars of critical infrastructure.
Supporting risk-mitigated deployments of rovers and drones delivering groceries or restaurant items to neighborhoods.
AR/VR concerts, events, gaming, software development for community groups – City of Austin community engagement
Verified transactions based on geolocation
Avigation easements for VMT of ground and low-altitude vehicles
Support for retail shops to support AR advertising. i.e. people could see floating adds on their phones while pointed down 6th street. (Not a favorite on mine, but it will drive billions in investment.)

Examples to consider:
China Massive Digital Twin – Shanghai:
Simulation and Modeling for autonomous systems:
With a city scale Digital Twin we could leverage tools like traffic Flow:
With the development of Digital Twins, the EDGE is Materializing: