TMD Camp Mabry Intelligent Infrastructure GRID

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TMD Camp Mabry GRID TMD Camp Mabry is supporting the first Intelligent Infrastructure Grid of PINNs. They will help advance the use of intelligent and autonomous systems for protecting our communities and providing resilience in Texas as well as the Nation.INDUSTRY 4.0 - 21st-Century InfrastructureNational Priority to meet the demand for 5G, Edge, ITS, APNT, GridMabry will be the “Genesis” of national edge deployments.Lab will be the accelerator to $100+ million P3 ProgramsCreate Industry 4.0 jobs, economic impact, and national leadershipHighlighted Use Cases:Energy TransmissionBuilding InspectionsInfrastructure InspectionsRoutine SecurityWater Quality of Detention PondsCommercial Construction InspectionsBridge and Overpass AnalysisRoad InspectionsSolar Panel InspectionsOil and Gas Infrastructure InspectionMaster Plan ModelingEnvironmental StudiesCulvert InspectionsSite Inventory InspectionWildfire Tracking and MitigationPublic Safety and EmergencySituational Awareness

Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Infrastructure

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Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Infrastructure Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Grids & CorridorsThe Birth of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems. There was a moment of time that for rail, for electricity, for communications, for aviation, for interstate highways, for the internet, for the cloud, . . . . . . . and now for the Intelligent Edge Infrastructure that will be the foundation for Industry 4.0. Electrified mobility, resilient electricity, additive manufacturing, autonomous systems, aerospace taking us to mars, intelligent and autonomous corridors, and unlimited bandwidth to anyone that wants to consume it.Intelligent Infrastructure will drive the largest infrastructure buildout in our nation's history. Intelligent Infrastructure will be deployed across cities, highways, campuses, commercial developments, shipping ports, airports, and even private communities. Here are some of the current projects and programs under development now.Intelligent, [...]

Active Digital Twins and Intelligent Infrastructure

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Establish the nation's first Active Digital Twin - City of Austin, ProjectConnect, TxDOT I-35 Intelligent Expansion, TMD, SH130, Loop 1, Downtown Districts. Active Digital Twin enables: Design, engineering, planning of the various concrete, asphalt projects as well as intelligent infrastructure deployments. Simulation and modeling of critical services like wireless, lidar, radar, visual, resilient APNT, . . . Multimodal simulation and modeling of cars, bus, rail, truck, tractors, . . optimizations. Support for Public Safety, and emergency management. Overall operational views and security. Imagine have this view 24/7 at any location (safely executed in the avigation easements). Simulation and modeling of thousands of small autonomous shuttles (picking up grandma at her house and taking her to the Dr.) in comparison to the longer-term light rail projects. Support for routine inspections of our billions of [...]

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