Intelligent and Autonomous Mobility Corridors and Grids

The goal with these Autonomous Mobility Corridors is to provide a safe and reliable zone of operation for the safe use and testing of autonomous systems. This includes the deployment of the critical infrastructure required to support high levels of risk mitigation and safety.

The creation of autonomous mobility corridors or avigation corridors, and/or geospatial areas over utility easements, public and private easements, critical infrastructure, and related property (individually and collectively “PINN Easements”). These PINN easements will enable autonomous systems to traverse public easements/properties, private easements/properties, and data associated therewith, in the support of community services. Community services include but are not limited to: infrastructure inspection and management, energy inspection and recovery post adverse event, public health air quality monitoring, micro-weather and environmental monitoring, agricultural inspection, wildfire prevention and mitigation, natural resources management, and the transportation-related to intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, unmanned systems (i.e. drones), public and private security, wireless communications networks and spectrum activity and regulatory compliance therewith, and other technological systems supporting the community interests.

Example use cases.