The Interstate Highway “1955 Yellow Book Maps” created scars across our nation, Intelligent Infrastructure will create Unified Communities.


It is critical to advance the deployment of the supporting infrastructure required by autonomous systems


R&D at autonomy institute will inform regulatory and transportation systems compliance and readiness


Autonomous Infrastructure Labs and Autonomous Mobility Corridors support persistent operations to prove out commercial deployments

Advancing Legislation and Public Policy for Industry 4.0

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National Autonomy Prime – ARPA-X Program

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Establishing an "All-Up" Autonomy Program in the United StatesThe Autonomy [...]

Texas SH130 – Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Infrastructure

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Texas SH130 - The Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Corridor [...]

Autonomous Systems Operational Control Centers (ASOCC) will support persistent operations to provide... safe, secure, and collaborative public and private deployments of autonomous systems. Industry 4.0, fueled by autonomy, requires the bridging of the physical and the digital.

Digital Twin Consortium™ is pioneering the use of Active Digital Twins for intelligent & ... automated cities. The Autonomy Institute will be discussing Intelligent Infrastructure and Smart Transportation Corridors at next week's member meeting. Learn more: https://buff.ly/2ZqdVob

Building Intelligent, Autonomous, Electrified, and Resilient Communities require Public-Private ... Partnership Programs. Active Digital Twins, Intelligent Infrastructure, and City Data Exchanges are the foundations of the 21st-century. https://buff.ly/2PBMyGq #autonomy #pinn

The Real Revolution Behind Self-Driving Cars is Self-Driving Infrastructure. Autonomous Systems ... will depend on edge computing and low-latency networks. https://buff.ly/2LfAghY #kineticedge #autonomy #secure #edgecomputing #GNSS #RAN4autonomy

Bloomberg - Mother of All AI Projects. Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous ... Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion, national security, and job growth. #smartcity #pinn #edge #openran #5g #autonomy #apnt #AI

Time to Protect and Cleanup our Space Frontier. Time to lead!
SpaceX experiences Conjunction Event: ... https://buff.ly/3eKKWUu
Dr. Moriba Jah Tracks space Debris: https://buff.ly/38XfLT6; https://buff.ly/2QnpmMG
Orbit Guardians Eliminate Debris”

Building for What's Next. Compass is the first Edge Data Center to support a scaled PINN cluster ... deployment. 200kW of secure and resilient processing for the petabytes of streaming sensor edge data. https://buff.ly/3tvdYx3
Edge is Materializing: https://buff.ly/3AoWXac

OpenRAN is the key to Industry 4.0. Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous ... Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion, job growth, national security, and resilience. #infrastructure #5g #apnt #pinn

Digital Infrastructure is the Foundation of Cities &
will Drive the World Economy for the Next ... 50+ Years. Creating millions of new jobs, trillions of economic growth, and massive productivity. Smart City with Data, Digital, and Design | Deloitte US #autonomy

TRAXyL - 21ST-CENTURY Intelligent Infrastructure at the Speed of Light.
TRAXyL offers the first ... Minimally Disruptive Installation of Fiber Networks. It’s as easy as painting a line. Supporting Rapid Deployment of PINN Clusters. https://buff.ly/3yVqJT2

SIRADEL is a leading Active Digital Twin partner working with the Autonomy Institute. GIS Model; ... Physics-Based Model; and Operational Control Model. Designing Smart Cities & 5G networks - SIRADEL https://buff.ly/3thC6n6

Automating Safety In Our Increasingly Connected World. ResilienX keeps your cyber-physical systems ... running through the adverse conditions they will encounter. MONITOR SYSTEMS. DETECT FAULTS. MITIGATE FAILURES. https://buff.ly/2H8rByb #autonomy

Execution Matters - Barriers To Execution Of The $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan.
Come hear Norm ... Anderson, Chairman CG/LA & Author of VISION Our Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap, talk about the Infrastructure that will power Industry 4.0. YTexas Summit

Valmont is a worldwide manufacturer of PINNs and is an infrastructure leader.
Valmont Industries - ... 75 years: https://buff.ly/3ibIQPk
“Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities.”
Path to Commerce https://buff.ly/2ZhZuCF

Industry 4.0 - Texas Governor Greg Abbott Speaks with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”
... “Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion.” https://buff.ly/3gWLE1w
Today https://buff.ly/3jDwBvC

Trusted Partners

Autonomy requires collaboration between and ecosystem of government, academia and industry partners.

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