The Interstate Highway “1955 Yellow Book Maps” created scars across our nation, Intelligent Infrastructure will create Unified Communities.


It is critical to advance the deployment of the supporting infrastructure required by autonomous systems


R&D at autonomy institute will inform regulatory and transportation systems compliance and readiness


Autonomous Infrastructure Labs and Autonomous Mobility Corridors support persistent operations to prove out commercial deployments

Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Infrastructure

Active Digital Twins and Intelligent Infrastructure

City-Data Exchanges and PINN Clusters

“The Autonomy Institute is developing an "Autonomy Commerce ACT" and an "All-Up" Autonomy ... program. 
“Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion, national security, and job growth. ”

National Thought Leader for Avigation Easements and Infrastructure. “State and Federal Lawmakers ... Should Collaborate On Avigation Easements and Digital Infrastructure”
The Growing Legal Controversy About Drone Trespass | Brent Skorup, Mercatus Center.

Infrastructure Masons is helping to lead the charge in connecting the world. Come hear how "The Edge... Materializes". The PINN will eliminate the digital divide, support intelligent cities, and power Industry 4.0. APAC Member Summit – Virtual – iMasons

Autonomy is coming. Autonomous Systems require Edge compute, Low-Latency RAN, Precision Navigation, ... data ingest, and Situational Awareness. Finch Fulton leads the way. Autonomy at Scale: #edge #5G #autonomy #atrius #roboticedge

Go Your Own Way. “Enhanced positioning enables a shared backbone of safe, coordinated motion. This... makes it possible to orchestrate multiple vehicles as a team. In addition to supporting cars, this enables many new forms of autonomous shared mobility.”

“The Backbone of Mobility Innovation is Infrastructure”
The infrastructure required to support ... Mobility 4.0 will be multi-purpose, digitally-enabled assets that will not be tailored for a specific use case but able to support a plethora of ever-evolving mobility modes.

Accelerating the Path to Commerce just like the Aviation Commerce Act of 1926 did for general ... flight. Hear Brent Skorup, a national expert, discuss Legal Issues for Commercial Drones: Privacy, Property Rights | Regulatory Transparency #autonomy

Digital Infrastructure is the Foundation of Cities &
will Drive the World Economy for the Next ... 50+ Years. Creating millions of new jobs, trillions of economic growth, and massive productivity.
Smart Cities and the Global Digital Infrastructure Revolution

The NASA Data & Reasoning Fabric is a foundational framework to solve the complex challenges of ... intelligent, automated, and connected cities. Intelligent, Infrastructure, Data Exchanges, and open platforms will accelerate Industry 4.0 "Path to Commerce".

Time to see collaboration between the Austin Fire Department and Tesla to advanced the use of ... intelligent robotics for fighting fires and disaster response in Texas. Remove our brave men and women from Dull, Dangerous & Dirty jobs
Firefighting robot -

NVIDIA DRIVE Ecosystem Brings AVs to Public Markets. With over 100 industry partners, PINNs are ... creating a new asset class within cities. 10s of thousands of PINNs will be deployed across cities and highways. AI and Digital Twins at Edge.

Valmont is a worldwide manufacturer of PINNs and is an infrastructure leader.
“Investment in a ... 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion, national security, and job growth.”

The Autonomy Institute will be leveraging the Data & Reasoning Fabric. DRF will accelerate the ... systems-of-systems platforms required to accelerate the “Path to Commerce”.
NASA, ResilienX, HPE, Valmont, Autonomy Institute
Data and Reasoning Fabric (DRF)

Intelligent, autonomous, and electrified infrastructure is the equivalent of the atomic energy race ... of the 1940s.
National sovereignty and global productivity will go to the nation that deploys the Intelligent Infrastructure supporting Industry 4.0.

Time to lead the 21st-century infrastructure buildout larger than the Eisenhower Interstate. ... Intelligent Infrastructure, Data Exchanges, and Active Digital Twins will be the foundation for the explosive growth of Industry 4.0. Llewellyn, Executive Producer White House Chronicle.

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Autonomy requires collaboration between and ecosystem of government, academia and industry partners.