In episode 21, James Thomason, CTO at EDJX invited the Autonomy Institute and to have a chat about the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN), a revolutionary initiative that will transform the intelligence of Smart cities, autonomous vehicles and connectivity!

Autonomy Institute, a cooperative research consortium focused on enabling autonomy and intelligence in communities, has partnered with EDJX an Edge Computing platform to launch the intelligent infrastructure (PINN) pilot in a Texas mIlitary department with plans to expand into major US cities and globally. This infrastructure will revolutionise the future of cities from autonomous driving systems to traffic infrastructure and connected things- all components will be intelligently interrelated as a unified system.

Discover the world of autonomous things from the pioneers themselves, and how PINN will address core necessity needs in the US and globally:

– Introductions and Background – 00:37 : 01:28

– What is the Autonomy Institute, and how was the PINN Infrastructure developed? 01:28: 02:49

– What do EDJX do and how will their Platform accelerate PINN deployment? 02:49-03:30

– What is the Public Infrastructure Network Node Initiative, and how will it transform the deployment of autonomous systems in the real world? 03.30 – 07.31

– Who is involved with PINN? 07.31- 09.11

– What are the short-term and long-term goals with PINN and what are some key use cases? 09.11- 12:38

– What role will Edge Computing play within PINN? 12:38 – 15:32

– What are the use cases leading Edge Computing? 15:32- 19:51

– What do people get wrong about the Edge? 19:51- 24:27

– How do we build out the world of autonomous things? 24:27- 28:09

– What are you most excited about for the future? 28:09- 33:46

– What IoT trends can we expect this year? 33:46- 38:44

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